We Care About The Environment

Investing in a sustainable future

WG&R are committed to caring for the environment, actively promoting awareness and sustainable business practices which permeate through every level of our business culture.

We have structured our approach to sustainability by way of 3 target areas.

Energy Efficiency and Conservation

We have implemented measurable objectives throughout the Company to minimise the impact of our activities on the environment by reducing energy and water consumption, CO2 emissions, and operating costs.

  • Maintenance
    Keeping our heating and air conditioning systems well maintained helps them to operate efficiently.

  • Energy efficient lighting
    LED lighting is used throughout our building and many operate on timers to ensure efficient usage.

  • Smart heating technology
    The use of smart heating ensures our buildings use energy only when required.

  • Review
    Energy usage is frequently reviewed to ensure we make the most of new efficiencies as they become available.


Environmental protection and the prevention of pollution influence our transport policies, which target reductions in fuel consumption, air pollution, and the carbon dioxide output of our vehicle fleet.

  • Vehicle deployment
    We use the most efficient means possible to reach our sites, this involves our own vehicles or public transport where practical. Employees are encouraged to use technology to remove the need for travel if this is possible.

  • Regular servicing
    Well maintained vehicles can improve fuel efficiency by up to 40%.

  • Drive smart
    Our drivers are encouraged to reduce engine output by driving smoothly, accelerating gently and reading the road ahead to avoid unnecessary braking.

  • Proximity to site
    Our engineers are located throughout the UK which means that we can deploy those nearest to site to keep journeys to site to a minimum.

Reduce, reuse and recycle

Recycling is an important aspect of our business and with the support of our employees, customers and supply chain we review, manage and reduce areas which have a direct or indirect impact on the environment.

  • Education
    We ensure all employees and our supply chain are informed about WG&R’s environmental policy and enlist their support in helping us meet our objectives.

    Consideration is given in the design process to the environment including environmentally friendly options of materials, and operations are evaluated to ensure they are as efficient as possible, whilst adhering to the principles of sustainability.

  • Copper cable
    Where possible data and electrical cable components are repurposed through responsible recycling methods.

  • E-waste
    Computers, monitors, hard drives and circuit boards are disposed in accordance with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE Directive).

  • Hazardous materials
    Batteries and fluorescent tubes contain harmful chemicals and are recycled at specialist depots.

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