In-House Design

Custom Electrical And Mechanical Design

Our experienced Electrical and Mechanical design team can take your initial concepts and ideas and develop them into fully featured designs to allow the delivery of functional, user friendly and cost effective building services.

Design Information

Detailed electrical and mechanical drawings can be documented through all RIBA stages from preliminary, construction all the way to as built status to provide a detailed representation of project information.

  • Mechanical Services Drawings

  • Electrical Services Drawings

  • Communications Services Drawings

  • Services Co-ordination Studies

  • Distribution Schedules

  • Equipment Schedules

Cable Calculations

We utilise industry standard software packages to ensure all circuits confirm to current wiring regulations.

  • Main Supply Cables

  • Distribution Submain Cables

  • Final Circuit Cables

  • Protective Device Discrimination Studies

Lighting Calculations

In house designs are validated using lux calculation software to ensure lighting schemes comply with all relevant guidance and regulation to ensure visual comfort and occupant wellbeing.

  • Emergency Lighting Calculations In Compliance With BS 5266 and SLL LG12

  • Office Lighting To SLL LG7 and HSG38

  • Healthcare Lighting To SLL LG2

  • Education Lighting To SLL LG5

  • Communal Residential Buildings To SLL LG9

  • External Lighting Of Workplaces In Compliance With BS EN 12464-2, HSG38 and SLL LG6

  • External Lighting Of Urban and Public Amenity Areas In Compliance With BS 5489 and SLL LG6

Commercial communications design in the UK

Communications Design

Complete data installations can be developed and designed to be fully scalable dependant on the Clients current and future requirements. All installations designed in compliance with TIA/EIA  standards.

  • Fiber Optic Backbone and Links

  • Copper Horizontal Cabling

  • Communication Room Design

Fire Alarms

Fully compliant designs are realised conforming to BS5839-1, utilising convential, twin wire or analogue addressable technologies.

Enhanced detection methods can be provided to provide adequate protection where typical detection schemes would prove unsuitable. Cause and effect programming and interfacing to extraneous systems can be implemented as required by complex buildings.

  • Conventional Point Detection

  • Aspirating System Design and Calculations

  • Beam Detection Design

  • Linear Detection Systems

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